Associate of Science Multimedia: Web Development and Interface Design Crafton - A.S. Degree

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The Associate of Science in Multimedia with an emphasis in Web Development and Interface Design degree combines two areas of specialty to provide a comprehensive web design and web development education. Focusing on the conceptual, visual and technical aspects of web design and production. Students will learn how to design and create commercial-quality websites and mobile apps. This degree prepares students for entry-level positions such as Junior User Interface Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, User Experience Designer or Full Stack Developer. Furthermore, it provides students currently working in similar professions with additional skills and qualifications.

The pathway below represents an efficient and effective course taking sequence for this program. Individual circumstances might require some changes to this pathway. It is always recommended that you meet with an academic counselor to develop a personalized educational plan.

The courses have been intentionally placed and should be prioritized in the order in which they appear. If you are unable to take all the courses in a semester, you should prioritize enrolling in the courses in the order below.

Demonstrate an understanding of concept, design and creation of web sites and interactive media projects.

Engage creativity and original thinking in the production of web applications, apps and interface design projects.

Select appropriate tools, techniques and processes for a range of design contexts and web production settings.

Program Map

O Available Online
GE General Education
Program Requirement

1st Semester

16 units

For CHC Degree Applicable Electives, refer to the Credit Courses list found in the Current College Catalog by going to:

2nd Semester

15 units

3rd Semester

17 units

4th Semester

14 units